Somerleyton Hall

Somerleyton Hall and Gardens

Often described as an archetypal Tudor-Jacobean mansion, Somerleyton Hall is a spectacle to behold and a wonderful place to visit. One of the most impressive stately homes in Britain, it is a testament to days gone by and boasts many appealing features, events and displays that make it a great attraction for a day out.

The grounds of Somerleyton Hall have been home to large and high-status hoes since medieval times. With large country homes being rebuilt and transformed into the mansion that stands today, it's a true testament to a wealth of British history, design and culture. Over the Centuries the land and building have seen many changes and alterations. But the halls have been in the possession of the Crossley family since 1863 and they have continued to maintain it until this day.

Featuring striking marble, elaborate gilding and elegant design, Somerleyton Hall has it all. Marvel at the sights of this truly marvellous stately home. Somerleyton Hall offers an unforgettable day out whatever your age - there's plenty to do on the grounds and nearby Fritton lake. From golf to fishing, horse riding and guided boat trips you can really have a smashing time that doesn't cost the earth.

Pretend you own a mansion for the day and visit Somerleyton Hall!  

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Location - Somerleyton Hall, Somerleyton, Suffolk NR32 5QQ, United Kingdom

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