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Buying a Blue Sky Home...
...Your Questions Answered

Buying a new home is a big step and for many, park home life will be a new experience. Park home fact sheets are available from the Blue Sky Homes sales office and will answer many of your queries. The following information may also be helpful and answer some of the questions which are most often asked.

Buying your home
Deciding on a park - This is perhaps the most important decision. You need to take time viewing the park and making sure you are happy with its location and facilities offered. You are welcome to look around our three parks whenever you wish and it is often useful to talk to other residents living on the park to find out if they are happy with their environment and with the park owners.

New Homes - This will of course depend on your budget. As a rough guide, new fully furnished homes can cost from £85,000 for a smaller home and from £180,000 for a larger model with drive and garage. We will be pleased to discuss different models with you and give you a written quotation based on your own requirements. Prices will include delivery from the manufacturer, siting on a prepared base with the provision of mains services, skirting to the underside of the home and entrance steps.

Previously owned homes - Previously owned homes are often available in a variety of sizes. Following changes in legislation that were introduced in the 2013 Mobile Homes Act the Park Owner is no longer able to be involved with the sale of previously owned homes.

The majority of park home owners who wish to sell their home on any of our three developments are now using local estate agents. The agents For Sale board may be positioned in the front garden areas of these homes indicating that the home is for sale, and viewing arrangements.

When selling their home the park home owner must complete specific numbered schedules; the relevant schedules must be given to the proposed buyer and the Park Owner.

Amongst other things the schedules provide detailed information to the buyer about the costs of owning the park home and what sums are due to the Park Owner, including commission paid by the purchaser to the Park Owner on completion, and other charges paid to third parties.
The home owner is also obliged to provide copies of the Written Statement and park rules.
A schedule received by the Park Owner provides details of the proposed purchaser.

Copies of the various schedules and further information can be obtained from the GOV.UK website on the following link.
More information from GOV.UK

Gold Shield Warranty - All new park homes built since 1987 come with the comprehensive Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty, giving peace of mind in the unlikely event of any construction defect. Any outstanding period of warranty will be transferred to a new owner.

Buying Procedure - It is not essential to use a solicitor when buying a park home, legal conveyancing is not required therefore there are no obligatory legal charges. However, many people choose to use a solicitor, particularly if they are also selling property.
You are advised to read the guidance issued on the GOV.UK website on this link.

What costs are involved?
Park Rent - Rents are reviewed on the 1st January each year. A list of current park rents are shown at the foot of this page, they vary from one park to another. The rent covers such items as maintenance of the park, street lighting etc.

Council Tax - You will be required to pay Council Tax, at Band A. (the lowest band)

Insurance - You will require insurance for your home and contents which is available from companies specialising in park home insurance. Premiums are often lower than insurance on bricks and mortar. We will be pleased to give you advice.

What Security of Tenure and Rules are there?

Security of Tenure - Whether buying a new home or a previously owned home you will be offered an agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, updated in 2013, which gives home owners security of tenure. A copy of the relevant agreement will be given to you for your perusal and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Park Rules
We do endeavour to keep park rules to a minimum, however it is necessary to have regulation for the benefit of all.
When a new home is purchased: we will provide a copy of the park rules.
For previously owned homes: the seller must provide a copy of the current park rules to the purchaser The park rules for eachof our parks are available on this websit:
Park Rules: Blue Sky Close
Park Rules: Sunninghill Close 

Blue Sky Homes - 2020 Park Charges

Sunninghill Close, Bradwell
14’ wide homes    £122.94 per calendar month  £1,457.28 per year
20’ wide homes    £128.39 per calendar month  £1,540.02 per year
Blue Sky Close, Bradwell*   
10’ wide homes    £108.67 per calendar month  £1,303.93 per year
12’ wide homes    £117.01 per calendar month  £1,403.79 per year
20’ wide homes    £128.30 per calendar month  £1,538.50 per year
* Please note:  Park Charges for Blue Sky Close include water rates and sewerage charges.

Our developments:

Sunninghill Close Sunninghill Close
Blue Sky Close Blue Sky Close