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The Park Home Lifestyle

An increasing number of people are turning to park homes as an attractive alternative to traditional bricks and mortar housing, turning a dream into a wonderful reality.

Over recent years the lifestyle of park home living has become increasingly popular, with today's homes boasting many outstanding features which would grace the most elegant residence.

Park homes are purpose built for permanent residential occupation in accordance with the very latest British Standards. They are designed to be easily and economically maintained, and often achieve even higher levels of insulation than conventional cavity wall buildings.

Imagine living in a fully furnished, luxury home, with low overheads and even lower maintenance costs. Furthermore, imagine this home is situated in a friendly environment where community spirit and a congenial atmosphere is a reality rather than a bygone pleasure left behind in the 'good old days'.

Available in many different sizes and styles, the layout of the aesthetic park home is very much on par with a luxury bungalow, with a typical home having a lounge, dining room,  fitted kitchen, bathroom, and double bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite shower room and walk in dressing room. Full central heating is standard.

All new park homes come fully furnished. The furniture and fittings provided are of the highest quality and include carpets, curtains, fitted kitchen, three piece suite and beds, in fact everything - including the kitchen sink! Many homes even have their own garage.

It is not just the homes themselves which are endearing people to this new way of life - the secure and friendly environment they are set in proves to be another major attraction. Park home developments are like self-contained communities, where residents enjoy a really relaxed atmosphere alongside like-minded people.

Everlasting friendships are soon forged, and there is a strong sense of community spirit and camaraderie running through such developments. Residents, old and new, take a contagious pride in looking after their own homes and gardens, which become an asset to their local community.

Blue Sky residents come from a diverse range of backgrounds, are aged 50 and over on Blue Sky Close and 55 and over on Sunninghill Close and Highgrove Close. The majority tending to be retired or semi-retired couples, many, whose children have flown the nest, have sold larger family homes and have moved to more affordable and easily maintained park homes. This liberates them from the often physical as well as financial burden of owning and maintaining a large house.

For some people, the opportunity to release their capital means that they can be financially secure for life. It also means that visiting long lost relatives and grandchildren in far flung corners of the world or taking that dream holiday can become a reality. After years of bringing up children and working hard to pay off the mortgage, park home living can be the realisation of a dream, and that special treat many couples most certainly deserve!

Living in a park home offers what for many years simply has not been possible: a luxurious standard of living at an affordable price. It's no wonder that so many people are starting to wake up to the benefits gained by adopting the unique, idyllic park home lifestyle - and have started living!!

With developments in Norfolk and north Suffolk, Blue Sky Homes offers the opportunity for you to enjoy the benefits of "the park home lifestyle" in relaxing and friendly environments with the purchase of new or established homes.

Select your new home from those offered by a range of manufacturers. Choose from homes with a variety of sizes, layouts and decorative styles to suit all tastes. The choice is yours.

Or, view some of the established homes that may be available for purchase on park from our agency listing.

Your security is assured by the Park Homes Act 1983, updated in 2013. New Blue Sky Homes even come with the comprehensive Ten Year Gold Shield Warranty.

Click here for buying a Blue Sky Home - Your questions answered and park charges.

With all everyday necessities such as shopping and medical centres close by, relax and enjoy your future amidst friends, pursuing your own interests in an area that has much to offer.

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